See you in Indy, Chicago, Milwaukee or online!

I’m looking forward to upcoming events in February.  There’s nothing more fun than getting to see friends and meet new faces across the country.

Registration is open now for each of these. Hope to see you in person (or typy-typing online)!

If you cannot make these, check the link at the bottom of this post for additional events (I’m talking to you OH, MO, TX, IN, PA…).


Indianapolis and Chicago

February 4 and 5. Kate Roberts and I will lead a day long workshop on close reading practices for grades 4-12.  There will be tons of practical ideas for close reading fiction, nonfiction, texts and media. And potentially we can get Kate to sing (but don’t tell her I told all of you that).

Registration is open now at this link to Heinemann PD.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.20.27 PM




February 6. I’m honored to have been invited to speak at WSRA’s annual convention held at the Wisconsin Center.

Registration is open now at this link to WSRA.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.07.10 PM



Beginning January 21 (then Jan 29 and Feb 11). I’m leading a 3-session online Heinemann webinar called “Energize Your Teaching: Informational Reading, Writing and Research are Way More Interesting Than You Think.  These run on each date from 10-11:15AM EST.

Registration is open now at this link to Heinemann Webinars.

Energize Research Reading and Writing


For additional, upcoming events: please visit The Educator Collaborative’s event calendar.


#FILWCloseReading is in its 4th Printing!

Kate Roberts and I are so grateful for all of our readers. Falling in Love with Close Reading is in its fourth printing!

Falling in Love With Close Reading cover


Related Resources

We love learning with all of you and from all of you.  Here are a few ways to connect, study, and share:

  • Kate and I will be leading another 3-session webinar in October on Close Reading, click the image below to be taken to the registration page:

Falling in love w close reading october webinar

  • We wrote a study guide for Falling in Love With Close Reading which you can find here.
  • Join others on twitter using #FILWCloseReading
  • Heinemann designed this beautiful graphic (click to be taken to the main page to download a larger copy for yourself):


  • (And word on the street says we just may be coming to a few cities this next school year… we’ll keep you posted….!)

Thanks for all you do.

Falling in Love with #CloseReading Study Guide, Events, Open Video Call

Kate Roberts and I have been so honored that many of you have made Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts–And Life a part of your classrooms and study groups with colleagues.

We hope our ideas spark engagement and interest in looking at close reading not through the lens of a mandate or prescribed program, but instead as one of many methods that can support our students (and ourselves) in looking at texts, media, and even our lives in new ways.

Falling in Love with Close Reading Study Guide!

In honor of your work, Kate and I wrote a Study Guide to accompany the book and support you in your conversations with colleagues.  More than just discussion questions, the free guide is written with the same spirit Kate and I bring to our in-school staff development: one part inspiration, one part conversation, one part hands-on practical… and all parts collaboration.

You can find the study guide housed on Heinemann’s page or click the image below:

Falling in Love With Close Reading cover

Falling in Love with Close Reading Events – Live and Online

ONLINE! Kate and I are leading a 3-part interactive webinar. Three, 75 minute webinar sessions from 4:00pm–5:15pm ESTWednesdays, January 22, 29, February 5. Information and registration for the webinar series is at this link.

LIVE! In addition to our regular work speaking and consulting in schools, Kate and I are presenting on the West Coast in April (yay!). Seattle on April 3 and Portland on April 4.  Seats are limited (our two fall dates sold out early).  Information and registration for the One-Day Workshops are at this link.

Call for Videos!

by Iconshock used under Creative Commons lic

Many of you have been tweeting or telling us in person about the amazing work you and your students are doing around close reading while using strategies from Falling in Love with Close Reading.  We would like to celebrate your work and share it with the world.

We are having an open call for 4-minutes or less classroom video clips of you and your students in action.

All submissions require appropriate consent forms, find them and how to submit at the video landing page: (click links on the left sidebar).  Selected videos will be posted with your name and state (unless you request otherwise).

#engchat Archive

We enjoyed guest hosting #engchat last night, the weekly chat for teachers of literacy and English.  You can find the archive here. While there, consider donating to help #engchat‘s founder, Meenoo Rami, defray the cost of web-hosting the chat archives and announcements.

Thanks for all you do for your students and this profession!

See you this week in WI, WI, WI, and NY

I am looking forward to a week of fun events as we roll into December. (I’m also sharing with you some super-new west coast dates coming up in Spring, you’re the first to know!)

Thursday, December 5. Madison, WI. Madison Area Reading Council is hosting a dinner and talk at the Maple Bluff Country Club. Yummy food and an intimate setting. Dinner at 5:30 and I’ll be talking close reading starting at 6:30.  Register here.

Friday, December 6. Brookfield, WI. Event Sold-Out. Heinemann One-Day workshop, Fall in Love With Close Reading from 8:30-3:30. Seats went quickly, if you weren’t able to attend in person we will be tweeting live all day long using #FILWCloseReading. Join us!

Waukesha County Reading Council

Saturday, December 7. Pewaukee, WI. Waukesha County Reading Council is holding their next meeting at the Country Springs Conference Center where I will be speaking, “Kids Want to Write!: Develop a Powerful Culture of Writing, Growth, and Community.” 8:30-11:00AM. Session is already packed, visit their facebook page for last minute info.

Monday, December 9. Amherst, NY. with special guest Kate Roberts(!!) Heinemann One-Day workshop, Fall in Love With Close Reading.  Day starts at 8:30-3:30. We will be tweeting live all day long using #FILWCloseReading. Join us! A few seats are remaining, register here.

Other Events Online and Across the Country

I’m traveling the country across 2014, visit my events page to see when I will be in your area.

In January, Kate Roberts and I are leading a 3-session Heinemann webinar adapted from our book Falling in Love with Close Reading from 4:00-5:15 PM EST. Register here.

In March, I am leading a 3-session Heinemann webinar adapted from my book Energize Research Reading and Writing from 3:30-4:45 PM EST. Register here.

by lisaverhas used under Creative Commons lic


As members of my blog community I’d like to share with you the first word on two newly added west coast events (the exact location hasn’t even been decided yet!), but registration is now open and seats are expected to go quickly.

Thursday, April 3. Seattle, WA area. Heinemann One-Day workshop, Fall in Love With Close Reading from 8:30-3:30 (there may just be a special guest…). Register here.

Friday, April 4. Portland, OR area. Heinemann One-Day workshop, Fall in Love With Close Reading from 8:30-3:30 (there may just be a special guest…). Register here.

(Psst, registration for a special, free, interactive webinar goes live tomorrow)

UPDATE: In less than 24 hours the webinar filled up!  Wow.  Heinemann is collecting a wait list here as cancellations sometimes occur.  

Also, a little bird *tweet tweet* told me that everyone registered (live or waitlist) will have access to a recording of the webinar aaaand perhaps something else very cool.  It’s a thank you to all of you for the amazing ways you give back to education.



I’ve got a secret:

Tomorrow, Thursday October 17, Heinemann is posting registration for a free, live, webinar conversation between you and some familiar faces (hint: think love… book love… falling in love…).

The live webinar will take place October 23rd from 3-4PM.

More info and the registration link will go live tomorrow morning at approximately 9:30AM ET here:  Seats are expected to go quickly!

Groups are encouraged to register with just one seat to allow more educators to attend.

(Having a secret is totally fun by the way.)

by Tavin’s Origami used under Creative Commons lic

Archive of this Week’s @LeadAndLearn Webinar – And Upcoming Events

I’ll be totally honest: I speak at public events all the time–I should be used to this–but nothing still gives me more butterflies than the hour before a webinar goes live. I always find myself sorting through things that need not be sorted and texting people that need not be texted.

I will also tell you: the second we start and I get to connect with fellow educators, it feels just like home.

In this post, I’d like to:

I’m looking forward to sharing all of this with you (butterflies and all)!

Archived Webinar: A Conversation About the Common Core State Standards

Thanks to all of you who attended my live webinar with The Leadership and Learning Center.  It was a blast, Tony Flach was a terrific host and Cathy and crew from the center made it very enjoyable.  In case you missed it, it is now archived! Here’s the link or click the image below.

click to be taken to archived video
click to be taken to archived video

I’m also looking forward to providing the first day keynote and joining panel discussions at The Leadership and Learning Center’s conference on the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Assessments in New Orleans, November 5-6. More here.

Upcoming Webinar Series:  Energize Your Classroom: Informational Reading, Writing And Research Are Way More Interesting Than You Think! 

Beginning October 2, I am leading a three-session, live, interactive webinar series on best practices for informational reading, writing and research.

I led a similar series this past winter, and it was so much fun that Heinemann has decided to offer two separate time slots, giving you more opportunities to attend.  Both series will run for the first three Wednesdays in October, select the time slot that works best for you (or perhaps even your team for day-time learning):

Morning 11:00AM-12:15PM ET  (8:00AM-9:15 PT)

Afternoon 5:00-6:15PM ET (2:00-3:15 PT)

For information on group rates call Heinemann PD at 800-541-2086, ext. 1151.

The webinar involves my live video stream, an on-going real time chat box for all attendees to communicate, and options for credits. All sessions are archived for participants.

click for registration page
click for registration page

As always, thanks for all you do for your students and fellow educators. I’m honored to be a small part of your big journey.

Want to talk? How about Thursday at 11?

Join me this Thursday (9/19) for a live interview and conversation led by Tony Flach of The Leadership and Learning Center.  The format of this free webinar will give you a chance to ask questions as well!

This webinar is scheduled from 11AM-11:45AM ET to offer you and your PLN time to join in during a professional period.

Information and free registration here or clicking the image below.

Leadership and Learning Center

I’m looking forward to connecting!

Let’s Study Together: Webinar series

UPDATE: I LOVED working together with teachers from around the world during this webinar series in February 2013!  Look for new dates announced in the Fall.


I’m looking forward to my new webinar series with Heinemann beginning in February 2013 titled “Energize Your Classroom: Informational Reading, Writing and Research are way more interesting than you think!”

The webinar will be four, live, interactive sessions and is built on work from my book Energize Research Reading and Writing (samples chapters here, and a related blog post here).  I’ll be live with you from 6-7:15PM EST on alternating Wednesday evenings to reflect, plan, and share approaches to instruction that bring energy and independence to these important skills.

Here is the link to register and below is the description from Heinemann’s website.  Please share with anyone interested in digging into information reading, writing and research and rethinking the way they unfold in our classrooms.  Looking forward to studying together!

All below text and links from click for original webinar page:


Presented By Christopher Lehman

Register Now


Four, 75 minute webinar sessions from 6:00pm–7:15pm Eastern Standard Time.

  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013
  • Wednesday, February 27, 2013
  • Wednesday, March 6, 2013
  • Thursday, March 20, 2013

Please note that these webinars are all scheduled on Eastern Standard Time. If you are in a different time zone, please plan your schedule accordingly.


Based on the bookEnergize Research Reading and Writing and his experiences from classrooms around the world, Chris will support you in better understanding the role of informational reading, informational writing, and research in your classroom. In the age of the Common Core State Standards, when we sometimes feel overwhelmed by initiatives, Chris’ humor, care and practical strategies will support you in making the most of these big expectations and do so with energy and joy. This webinar series will not only aim to shift your guiding philosophies about these topics, but will also help you in developing your own practical lessons, unit plans, and even an example mini-research project to use with your students.The following is a description of the learning objectives to be met within each session of this series

Session 1: Who Said Research Instruction Needs to Be Incredibly Boring?: Essential Shifts that Can Energize Teaching AND Learning Right Away

In this first session, we will debunk the myth that informational reading, informational writing, and research need to be yawn-inducing by first studying all the ways we constantly research in our daily lives. Chris will then share essential shifts that came to light in his own study and writing of Energize Research Reading and Writing. You will leave the session with a new vision for instruction and practical steps to take in your classroom. You will also leave beginning your own mini-research project bringing back some links or texts to the next sessions..

Session 2:Session 2: Informational Reading and Note-taking: Common Core versus the Photocopier-Student

In the second session, Chris will draw on his knowledge of the Common Core State Standards from his work writingPathways to the Common Core with Lucy Calkins and Mary Ehrenworth and Energize Research Reading and Writing, to help you explore the expectations of the CCSS for informational reading and research. He will share strategies for teaching students to take-notes on learning – not just copy books – and help you see the standards as habits of mind towards these goals. You will practice these strategies for your own mini-research project, creating hands-on exemplars you could use with students..

Session 3: Regurgitated Paragraphs Are So Last Season: Informational Writing Practices that Help Students Learn (and Help Teachers Stay Awake While Grading)

In the third session, Chris will share proven methods from Energize Research Reading and Writing for helping your students not just shove facts into paragraphs, but truly write to teach others (and in so doing to better teach themselves). He highlights the fact that the CCSS for informational writing expect students to be independent – not co-dependent – writers of information and help you develop practices for doing so in your classroom. Chris will also take on the ever-frustrating challenge of citing sources, providing a new take on a time honored skill. You will also practice these strategies to draft some of your own mini-research project, one you could use with your students.

Session 4: Planning Short and Long Research Studies that Match the Needs in Your Classroom

In the final session, we will reflect on the work of the webinar series by sharing highlights from our mini-research projects, have a final conversation about Energize Research Reading and Writing, and put our experiences together to develop plans for our instruction. Chris will help you think about approaches to CCSS Writing Standard 7, which expects students to undertake long and short research projects. He will help you see this as both the work of your classroom and the shared work of the school community, with the aim being to energize inquisitive minds and empower students with informational reading, informational writing, and research skills.


Christopher Lehman, author of Energize Research Reading and Writing, A Quick Guide to Reviving Disengaged Writers, and coauthor of Pathways to the Common Core (with Lucy Calkins and Mary Ehrenworth) is a Senior Staff Developer with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. Chris teaches and coaches alongside educators across the country and internationally in elementary and secondary classrooms throughout the year, supporting teachers and administrators in developing rigorous and passionate literacy instruction across content areas. In addition to connecting with educators on his popular blog ( and twitter handle (@iChrisLehman) he has written articles for NCTE’s Voices from the Middle, SmartBrief’s SmartBlog, Edweek’s The Book Whisperer, among other education blogs. He presents regularly at Reading and Writing Project events, writes curricular materials, leads institutes sections, and has presented at national convention. Prior to joining the RWP Chris taught both middle and high school and was a literacy coach.


Teachers grades 3-12, literacy coaches, principals, curriculum and instructional leaders.


The cost of this Webinar Series is $219.00 per person. If you register a group of 3 or more at the same time there is a discounted rate of $209.00 per person. This includes a certificate of attendance for .5 CEU credits equivalent to 5 class participation hours. Tuition also includes access to the recorded webinar sessions for up to 90 days after the conclusion of the webinar series.


There is no book requirment, however, you are encouraged to purchase Energize Research Reading and Writing (Heinemann 2012). If you do not own a copy you can purchase a copy on our website here.


Participants will receive a series of email correspondence from Heinemann. The first email confirmation will serve as your receipt for the webinar series along with some general instructions on how to prepare your computer for the webinar. The second email confirmation will be sent approximately 2 days prior to each webinar date with a link to the platform WebEx directing you to the webinar class and giving you instructions on how to log in.

We highly recommend you test your computer readiness by clicking on this link.

If your computer needs any software upgrades WebEx will walk you through the updates. We will also be showing video clips so we recommend you also update your Quicktime. You can do so by clicking this link.

Note: Multi-person discount rates will be reflected in your confirmation email from Heinemann.