#Nerdlution and So Can You (FAQ)

Twitter + friends + a comet crashing through the sun = #nerdlution.

Something was seriously in the air Thanksgiving day.  I, for some reason thought to myself, “I should do 100 push-ups today.”

Then, I did.

Then, I thought, “I should do this every. day.”

To which I thought, “stop Chris, this is crazy talk.”

Fast forward only a few hours and I am on twitter, natch, and come across this exchange (images from Franki’s blog):

So, I opened my big mouth:

And then Colby Sharp smartly put “Nerdy” (as in Book Club) and “Resolution” (as in New Year’s) together and coined #nerdlution.   Somewhere in this mix the idea of doing something for 50 days, whatever you choose to do, however you want to do it, came up. Franki does the best job of being a #nerdlution historian on her post (which you should read).

Add in some Kristi Mraz amazing doodles, a little of my novice photoshopping, and we had a blog button (which we would LOVE if you stole and stuck on your own blog):

nerdlution button tiny

The most amazing thing we have had in a very short amount of time is you! The outpouring on blogs and twitter of people making their own #nerdlutions is more than inspiring.

How You Can, Too: FAQ

The basic premise is starting tomorrow, Monday, December 2, (though some of us have started early), pick one thing or many things you want to commit to doing over the next 50 days. We were thinking it’s something you do every day, but really it’s up to you.  The focus here is making a change that matters.

There really are no rules. There is only community, support, and love for making and doing good things.

A Very, Very Important #Nerdlution FAQ

  • Can I just pick one thing? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Can I pick 5 things? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay if it is not fitness related? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay if it is reading related? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay if I’m really, really scared but really, really inspired? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay to only do something 3 times per week and something else 2 times per week? A: If it makes you happy.
  • If I mess up and miss a day, can I make it up another day? A: If it makes you happy.
  • If I mess up, can I just skip that day? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Should I tell everyone if I’m having a hard time? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Should I celebrate little accomplishments? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Can I modify my goal if I need to? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Should I give up if it doesn’t go well? A: No.
  • Should I feel alone in this or like people are judging me? A: No. (Because we’re all gonna screw up a little or a lot, let’s be honest.)

In my mind, the best part of this whole thing is that we’re all in it together.

It would be wonderful if you shared on twitter the times you felt amazing and the times you epically failed.  It would be amazing if you offered help to people who are trying a thing that you do well and asked for help when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore.

Like the Nerdy Book Club, we’re all here for the right reasons – to make ourselves, or our world, or both, better.

There are many ways to officially join–if it makes you happy:

  • Do a thing for 50 days along with us
  • Tweet daily using #nerdlution
  • Blog about your plan and your progress, and plop that button on your page
  • Add your plan to the comments section of Colby’s #nerdlution post

Go get em!


Nerdy Book Club Guest Post: Reading is Dumb. There, I Said It.

Colby Sharp and Cindy Minnich  invited me to guest post on the Nerdy Book Club, one of the web’s go-to communities for all things book love: recommendations, author posts, reader posts, inspiration, even their own awards.

So in honor of the whole Nerdy Crew being in my virtual PLN (and I in theirs), their dedication to books and getting books into kids hands, and their rapidly growing book loving community I thought I’d write them a guest post entitled “Reading is Dumb.  There, I Said It.”

And you are welcome, people.

Photo by shutterhacks. I took some liberties...
Photo by shutterhacks. I took some liberties…

Love books too? Want to guest post with Nerdy?  Just go to their page and click the big-ol-button on their sidebar to share your interest.