#Nerdlution15 – More Happy (Less Injury)

Please come with me into a special rocket ship I had built (I know the engineer, old friend) back to the time when we all could actually get all of our goals accomplished and still have time to relax on the beach.

by Joe Schneid, used under Creative Commons

Yea. No. That’s not real and never will be.

Which is why my friends Franki Sibberson, Colby Sharp, Kristi Mraz and I—and tons of you—are in the midst of another #NERDLUTION!

To be clear. I think many of you have already started your nerdultions and have been posting about it.  I, on the other hand, am still waiting for that rocket ship delivery.  

So here is my day to catch up.


For the uninitiated, a “nerdlution” is a resolution that we nerdy educators make to better ourselves, or our community, or each other. Or to just simply do something fun. Or strange. Or really anything at all that you want to commit to.

Here is a post from last year where I explain the birth of the movement and give more specific rules on forming your own nerdlution (hint: there are none).

(And when I say there are none, I mean none. Example: Franki ate apples last year.)

(Well, sort of).

Last year my nerdlution was to do 100 push-ups per day. That lasted for longer than I thought. I felt great. And only led to 3 months of physical therapy for my rotator cuff.  Hahaaaaabutreally.

On to #Nerdlution15!

by Kristi Mraz

This year I am equally workout focused, but in a more controlled and less shoulder failure way.

My goal is to workout at least 3 times per week (but bonus points if I do more) using a new app that I really love, “Strong,” which basically is a 2.0 way to record weight lifted per rep/set.

I see a trainer… sometimes a lot, sometimes a little… and really want to get better at working out on my own so when I see him I don’t embarrass myself.

What I love about the app, aside from it keeping me focused on completing exercises, is that it totals everything at the end of each workout session.  Meaning, even if the amount I lifted each rep was pitiful, at the end I can lie to myself because it says I lifted, for example—true story—SIXTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS.

FullSizeRender 6
Proof. Clearly.

Which I thiiink makes me the strongest man in the world.

No? No? That’s not how it really works?

So my #Nerdlution15 is to keep a steady gym routine using my app.

You Can Too

Just pick something to commit to. Then tweet and blog about it using the hashtag #Nerdlution15.

Or don’t tweet or blog and just do it.

Or invite your whole class to pick something. Anything. And join in.

Reading a great poem everyday, giving a compliment, running, cooking, spending more time with your kids.

If it will make you happy, do it.


Happy #nerdlution15!


Nerdlution Round 2: More lution, Less not doing it

nerdlution button tiny

The first official nerdlution has come to an end!

How did you do?

Some of you rocked it in truly inspiring ways.

Some of you –> me <– had an enthusiastic start and an eh last half.

(If you missed it, here’s my original Nerdlution FAQ).

Whether you nerdlutioned for 1 day or all 50, Colby’s post today says it best:

“At times I felt like a bit of a failure. I wasn’t able to write all 50 days, but I did write more during the 50 days of Nerdlution then I have ever written in a 50 day stretch. Not bad.”

I think that’s just the point: We ALL failed.

Well, that’s not the whole point.

The bigger point within that failing in little and big ways is what was at the center of this of this funny little movement: find something you would enjoy doing, aim to do it more than before, and live within the realness of your trying to get there.

Round Two

Today, in two different posts, Colby Sharp and Michelle Haseltine invite all of us to jump into round 2. Another 50 days of nerdy+resolutions, starting tomorrow.

Colby invites you to post your new nerdlution(s) at his blog.

Michelle offers to host a Thursday nerdlution blog post  round-up, she’ll collect anyone’s posts from each week, just leave a comment on her blog with the link.  

Others of you are already posting your new #nerdlutions. Franki, one of the fellow founders, has moved on from apples to lipstick. …you’ll have to ask her.  Katherine writes about setting new goals and also shares her need to be kinder to herself for any “failures,” I love this point and it inspired my round 2 nerdlution.

But first, what we learned from Round One

Okay, I just want to preface this by saying that I swear to you at times in my life I can be fit. I’ve flipped tires, people. Tires. In a gym. Doing push-ups on them even. That ‘s got to count for something.

That little burst of defensiveness came in and out of my self-talk during this first 50 day experiment. You see, I also was reminded during round one that I’m not as fit as I imagined I was.  Though, happily was more than I feared. 50/50 ain’t bad. For example, trying to do 100 push-ups every single day is incredibly painful and the exact opposite advice any trainer would ever give you. (Truth: I planned that goal in my “I’m just going to eat cake a lot” workout phase.)

I learned I need to have a more realistic goal. I also learned, though, that it still should be somewhat rigorous – just beyond my fears of what I think I can’t do.  Because a good 50% of the time, I actually met it and was so amazed, and sore, and proud, and sore at the end.

Reading other people’s triumphs and failures across these 50 days I’ve learned other things:

  • Success can breed success.
  • Equally true, failure can breed failure.
  • If you are stuck on a desert island and only amazing, technological wizardry can help you (or song lyrics), then Kevin Hodgson is your answer
  • It’s easy to feel embarrassed when you don’t live up to a public goal.
  • It’s easy to assume you’re the only one.
  • Apples everyday is actually a thing. And it becomes more interesting the more Franki writes about it.

  • Everyone fails.
  • Everyone succeeds.
  • Telling your true experience – the ups and downs – to others, ultimately helps you.
  • It helps everyone else, too.

My Round 2

I’m still sticking with mostly one nerdlution for this round, but modifying:

  • 100 push-ups per day, 3 days per week
  • Another high intensity something, 3 days per week. Time doesn’t matter (key for me not feeling like a failure on “off” days, anything is better than nothing and some days I’ll be inspired to do more than others) – a few planks or a short run or long gym time
  • A day off

Mentally (this is new for me to set a part of a goal, thanks Katherine for the inspiration) I want to:

  • Know I will, without a doubt, “fail” at some point. There, no surprises now.
  • Be forgiving to myself when I do.
  • Restart slow if I have to.
  • Ask for support – because the best part of nerdlution is the amazing and positive community.

See you at Colby’s blog, Michelle’s, twitter, or just out there with a smile on your face.

Hive fives all around!

Billy Mills, 1964 Olympics, public domain


#Nerdlution and So Can You (FAQ)

Twitter + friends + a comet crashing through the sun = #nerdlution.

Something was seriously in the air Thanksgiving day.  I, for some reason thought to myself, “I should do 100 push-ups today.”

Then, I did.

Then, I thought, “I should do this every. day.”

To which I thought, “stop Chris, this is crazy talk.”

Fast forward only a few hours and I am on twitter, natch, and come across this exchange (images from Franki’s blog):

So, I opened my big mouth:

And then Colby Sharp smartly put “Nerdy” (as in Book Club) and “Resolution” (as in New Year’s) together and coined #nerdlution.   Somewhere in this mix the idea of doing something for 50 days, whatever you choose to do, however you want to do it, came up. Franki does the best job of being a #nerdlution historian on her post (which you should read).

Add in some Kristi Mraz amazing doodles, a little of my novice photoshopping, and we had a blog button (which we would LOVE if you stole and stuck on your own blog):

nerdlution button tiny

The most amazing thing we have had in a very short amount of time is you! The outpouring on blogs and twitter of people making their own #nerdlutions is more than inspiring.

How You Can, Too: FAQ

The basic premise is starting tomorrow, Monday, December 2, (though some of us have started early), pick one thing or many things you want to commit to doing over the next 50 days. We were thinking it’s something you do every day, but really it’s up to you.  The focus here is making a change that matters.

There really are no rules. There is only community, support, and love for making and doing good things.

A Very, Very Important #Nerdlution FAQ

  • Can I just pick one thing? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Can I pick 5 things? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay if it is not fitness related? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay if it is reading related? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay if I’m really, really scared but really, really inspired? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Is it okay to only do something 3 times per week and something else 2 times per week? A: If it makes you happy.
  • If I mess up and miss a day, can I make it up another day? A: If it makes you happy.
  • If I mess up, can I just skip that day? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Should I tell everyone if I’m having a hard time? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Should I celebrate little accomplishments? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Can I modify my goal if I need to? A: If it makes you happy.
  • Should I give up if it doesn’t go well? A: No.
  • Should I feel alone in this or like people are judging me? A: No. (Because we’re all gonna screw up a little or a lot, let’s be honest.)

In my mind, the best part of this whole thing is that we’re all in it together.

It would be wonderful if you shared on twitter the times you felt amazing and the times you epically failed.  It would be amazing if you offered help to people who are trying a thing that you do well and asked for help when you feel like you just can’t do it anymore.

Like the Nerdy Book Club, we’re all here for the right reasons – to make ourselves, or our world, or both, better.

There are many ways to officially join–if it makes you happy:

  • Do a thing for 50 days along with us
  • Tweet daily using #nerdlution
  • Blog about your plan and your progress, and plop that button on your page
  • Add your plan to the comments section of Colby’s #nerdlution post

Go get em!