Educators, We Must Protect our Students: #DreamActNow

I have a very serious and sincere request of you: Please join me and other educators, authors, and illustrators who are demanding a “Clean” Dream Act from Congress in the final weeks of the session.

More than 800,000 children and young adults are at risk of deportation. Of those, an estimated 20,000 are teachers. 800,000 children and young adults who have built a life, gone to school, worked and paid taxes in the United States. With the racist decision to end the DACA program, our children and education colleagues are in danger.

When our students and colleagues are in danger, we, educators, must fight.

Learn how to join us at There you can read our letter, sign on if you’d like, learn about the 3 actions we ask that you take with us and learn about immigrants rights organizations you can support that are fighting on the frontlines.

Watch my video for specifics or read/download a copy of our letter below:


Letter image - Dream for Our Students


We must stand together with the immigrant rights community. Please join our action and spread the word.

Sin Miedo.



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