#HappyBookday Falling In Love With #CloseReading!

Kate and I continue to be inspired by all of your wisdom, kindness, and belief in children and educators.

Thanks for making this a special day for us as our book joins your classrooms and conversations.

In the coming weeks look for some more fun:

  • Secret is out! A free, one hour webinar with Penny Kittle, Kate Roberts, and me will take place 10/23! We’ll be talking together and taking your questions and comments about the readers you teach – talking Close Reading, Independence, and most of all building reading Joy. 10/23 from 3-4 pm ET.  Registration is live until all seats are filled: http://heinemann.com/PD/livewebinars/default.aspx.  Groups are encouraged to register with just one seat to allow more educators to join.
    • UPDATE: In less than 24 hours the webinar filled up!  Wow.  Heinemann is collecting a wait list here as cancellations sometimes occur.  

      Also, a little bird *tweet tweet* told me that everyone registered (live or waitlist) will have access to a recording of the webinar aaaand perhaps something else very cool.  It’s a thank you to all of you for the amazing ways you give back to education.

  • Kate and I are busy putting finishing touches on a study guide for the book. Many of you have shared that you are planning to have study groups at your school, so we’re working to support you in those conversations.
  • In November, Kate Roberts, Maggie Beattie Roberts (of KateAndMaggie.com) and I will be presenting on Close Reading at NCTE and then at the CEL convention, both in Boston.
  • Heinemann One-Day Workshops “Fall in Love With Close Reading”: My Dec 6 date in WI has sold out, on Dec 9 Kate and I will be presenting together and there are seats left but going quickly.  A few more dates and locations for spring will be announced soon!
  • Kate and I will be hosting a 3-session webinar on Close Reading in Jan/Feb. Information and the link to register will be announced soon.

Thanks for all you do, everyday, for students and each another.

Falling in Love With Close Reading cover

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