New Choice Literacy Podcast: Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts on #CloseReading

A big thanks to Choice Literacy and educator, author, and friend Franki Sibberson for inviting us to record an interview for their “Choice Literacy Podcasts” series.

Kate and I talk about our learning while researching and writing our upcoming book, Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts–and Life.  

We didn’t know when the podcast would go live, so Kate and I just finished a flurry of “HEY LOOK!” texts back and forth to each other.  We’re happy to share this with our blog-a-thon community and welcome your insights, reflections, and revisions to our current ideas.

Listen to the podcast by clicking the image below (or here):

Click to be taken to “Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts on Close Reading (PODCAST)”

It has been a blast writing and reading posts and comments during this first week of the blog-a-thon. We look forward to the continued conversation about close reading over the next several weeks. Click the button below to see the current page of Contributor posts.

close reading button

Thanks, everyone, for being so awesome. Your awesome becomes your students’ awesome.

2 thoughts on “New Choice Literacy Podcast: Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts on #CloseReading

  1. Hi Chris! I’ve been MIA but meaning to write to say Congrats on your new chapter… so exciting for you, though you will be deeply missed. Looking forward to diving into your new book and hoping to get back into blogging with your new posts about close reading. I’ve been knee deep in mommy-hood, so I’m hoping to reenter the blogging and Twitter world soon. Lots of luck to you and talk to you soon! 🙂


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