Energize Research Reading and Writing

Chris’ third book, Energize Research Reading and Writing: Fresh Strategies to Spark Interest, Develop Independence, and Meet Key Common Core Standards, Grades 4-8.

Sample Chapters: Chapters from Energize Research Reading and Writing

“When we embrace the messy excitement of the [research] process and the drive to inspire others, we can energize our students, our instruction, and ourselves.”

Christopher Lehman

Sit down with Christopher Lehman as he shares the strategies he has used to make research reading and writing real and motivating for students. Chris draws on his experience with the Reading and Writing Project and as co-author of Pathways to the Common Core to help you tailor your instruction to your students’ needs, get to the heart of the Common Core State Standards, and, most importantly, challenge your students to become driven, inquisitive thinkers who can meet the demands of school and life in the 21st century.

Energize Research Reading and Writing provides a menu of fresh, classroom-tested strategies for teaching research across all contents as well as:

·           at-a-glance guides for differentiation—ways to ramp up strategies for experienced researchers and ways to make them accessible for emerging researchers

·           samples of grade level language for each strategy and tips for content-area teachers

·           ideas for using the strategies to build plans for the short and long research projects that the CCSS requires

·           a quick-reference chart that links each strategy to the CCSS so you can quickly turn to the strategies that aim to align with a particular standard.

Use this book as a complete research unit plan or as a source for targeted strategies. Energize Research Reading and Writing has all the tools you need to transform your students into engaged and independent researchers.


“If you are looking for a way to teach research wisely and well, it’s here. If you are looking for a way to teach curiosity and critical thinking, it’s here. If you are looking for down to earth inspiration, sprinkled with wit, it’s here. Chris will have you dog-earring favorite pages, laughing out loud at unerringly true quips, and copying sections to share with colleagues.”

Lucy Calkins, coauthor of Pathways to the Common Core

 “In this irreverently practical guide, Lehman offers writing teachers far more powerful roles than being a taskmaster and error seeker:  model, coach, guide, partner, and appreciator.”

Harvey “Smokey” Daniels, coauthor of Best Practice, 4th edition


“I love that Chris teaches such thorough methods, and can make you laugh out loud with his wry sense of humor. Chris’s experience, warmth, and wit make this book a ‘must-have’ for anyone teaching students to research and express their research in writing, in any discipline. ”  

Mary Ehrenworth, coauthor of Pathways to the Common Core

“Gorgeously written and structured, every page offers practical, delightful lessons and suggestions promising to ignite every student’s passion for reading cool facts and then teaching them to others through writing.”

Katherine Bomer, author of Hidden Gems


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