Falling in Love with Close Reading

Chris’ fourth book, Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts–And Life, co-authored with Kate Roberts, was just released!

”Loving something or someone involves knowing that thing or person very well. Love brings us in close, leads us to study the details of a thing, asks us to return again and again. These are the motivations and ideas that built this book.”

–Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts

Falling in Love With Close Reading cover

Read sample pages here!


2 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Close Reading

  1. Finishing the last chapters of Falling in Love with Close Reading. Integrating the Lenses Frameworks with Notice and Note Signposts. I’m adding the Signposts to #2 Of the Lenses. Purchased Energize and plan to read it next as my students complete their inquiry projects when we return from the holidays. I must say, I now look forward to teaching close reading, and it won\t feel like something I am pushing onto kids thanks to Lehman. I wanted to attend the SCTE Conference where Lehman is speaking this January but asked for school funding too late. I know a lot of teachers who have not used his resources and strategies will find them to be life-changing.


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