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We grieve with families that have lost loved ones to brutality, violence, and fear.

We despair with a system that has made great police officers second guessed and poor ones too quick to pull a trigger.

We stand hopeful with the millions of educators, parents, community members, and children who are looking desperately towards a brighter future. A future where we are less ignorant, more aware of our biases, and more open to connecting across race, class, and ideologies.

Today, we recommend you spend some time looking through the tremendous resources being shared over twitter, using the hashtag #FergusonSyllabus.

If nothing else, our history has taught us that galvanizing moments can be turning points—if we so choose them to be.


With a broken heart and hopeful soul,

Christopher Lehman and The Educator Collaborative family




One thought on “#FergusonSyllabus

  1. Your sense of hopefulness in the midst is so inspiring. Loved meeting you at NCTE. You give great hugs. I hope our paths cross again soon.


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