#NCTE14! (and the crowd goes wild!)

NCTE is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.21.35 PMNothing is better than getting to connect with edu-friends. Or the fun of doing that squinty eye look as you try to sneak-read someone’s name tag as you wonder, “Have I seen your face in a little twitter photo before?.” I’m looking forward to being in the D.C. area and for the energy of this upcoming weekend.

My friends and I at The Educator Collaborative have many events going on and we hope we’ll get a chance to say hi to you.  Sessions, signings, meet-ups…. and we’re really excited to organize an informal meet-up we’re calling the “Professional Book Swamp Meet”!  All the info is below.


TheEdCollab at NCTE14


Sunday morning Meet-up and “Professional Book Swap Meet”

TheEdCollab NCTE Professional Book Swap-01



If you are unable to attend, follow the hashtag #NCTE14 for highlights.

Hope to see you this weekend!


2 thoughts on “#NCTE14! (and the crowd goes wild!)

  1. I can’t wait!!!! The last time I attended NCTE it was in Las Vegas. I remember going to the Nerdy Book Club session. You and Kate Roberts sat at the same table as me. You both were so kind and gracious! The next summer I got to attend a summer institute at Teachers College and then participate as a Teacher Poet with you later that spring. Thank you for being such a wonderfully kind and giving educator!!! I’m planning on being at the book swap! 🙂 YAY!!!


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