#TheEdCollabGathering Archives! and Final Days to Apply to Coaching Think Tanks

Our inaugural #TheEdCollabGathering was a blast! Over 1,200 educators tuned in live from countries all over the world.  It was inspiring to see the incredible turnout, read the energized tweets, and watch the inspiring sessions.

In case you feared you missed it… you didn’t!

We are happy to share the archives of all of the streaming sessions!

You can find them back on our gathering page: Gathering.TheEducatorCollaborative.com

or on our YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/TheEdCollab

A special thanks to the amazing presenters, volunteers who helped all of the technology run smoothly, and to all of you for attending (or soon to join in through the archives!).



Final days to apply to yearlong Coaching Think Tanks!

Also at The Educator Collaborative, we are quickly reaching the deadline for applications to our Coaching Think Tanks.  Final applications accepted through October 1st.

Coaches from all over have already joined and we invite you as well.  As long as you can access the live sessions via the internet, you are welcome to join regardless of your location.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.06.24 PMWe designed these as opportunities for Technology Coaches, Literacy Coaches, English Coaches, and Coordinators or other leaders.

We know that often coaches and coordinators are the real rocks of their school communities. We also know that in these roles we can often feel alone.   Our Coaching Think Tanks aim to create spaces for these leaders to learn together with experts from our team and also from one another.

Groups work together throughout the school year. Meeting online for sessions nearly each month, completing assignments that put conversations into action, and working together online in Forums and sharing documents.

Learn more, and apply, here: TheEducatorCollaborative.com/project/coaching-think-tanks/

Hurry though, final deadline is Wednesday!





One thought on “#TheEdCollabGathering Archives! and Final Days to Apply to Coaching Think Tanks

  1. Thanks! The gathering and the archives are the best present. I watched two sessions live last weekend and while it was fun knowing that there were educators all over also tuned in, it was just as great to go back today and listen to another session that I didn’t have time for last week. (and I did so while folding laundry!)

    Appreciatively, Susan Stern in Madison, WI

    Sep 28, 2014,


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