A New Way for Coaches to Learn Together

First, a huge thank you for the amazing support and response for my new organization, The Educator Collaborative.  I’ve received tons of emails, tweets, and in-person congratulations.

It reminds me how important compliments are for everyone. I won’t lie – all the hours, meetings, emails, and programming really bogged me down at times. Having someone say “thanks” could change those clouds in an instant.

I have to remember the power of that and make a point to thank others, daily.

Now the News: Coaching Think Tanks

Now the fun to share!

Just yesterday we announced our new Coaching Think Tanks for 2014-15.

We know that Coaches are essential to a school’s growth.  We also know–many of us from personal experience–that it can be a lonely position at times.

We are hoping our Coaching Think Tanks can be a not-too-busy, never-having-to-travel, intimate and rigorous way coaches can learn together across the school year.

They are not webinars, instead they are highly selective, small groups of coaches joining together across the year to collaborate and study.

Only 5-10 literacy and/or technology coaches will be admitted to each group. This is so no one feels lost in the crowd and groups can really become personalized support systems.

For more info here is my video announcement or you can visit our Coaching Think Tanks page.

We have just 16 New to Coaching and Advanced Coaching sessions to offer, led by me, Meenoo Rami, Kristi Mraz, Brian Sweeney, Kristin Ziemke, and more… Lots of options, but also very limited enrollment, so check it out early.

For each group, there will be

  • yearlong support
  • 6 live, online, sessions facilitated by one of our team members.
  • Projects to work on between online sessions to extend conversations into practice.
  • Private Forum Groups on our Community.TheEducatorCollaborative.com page.
  • And a professional learning hours Certificate or Digital Badge at the end.


Click the image of the Flyer to download or grab one on our Coaching Think Tanks page.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.14.24 AM

Applications Live (Very) Soon

  • Members of The Educator Collaborative mailing list will have a Priority Application period starting Friday! August 15-19th.
  • The general public can apply starting August 20th.
  • Admittance decisions will be sent starting Sept 2 and rolling through Oct 1st.

I am excited to watch these groups grow. My hope is that we can continue to innovate ways we all learn and connect.


And Lastly…. (Psst…)

Keep Saturday, September 20th open on your calendar. Something great is coming on that day…


Thanks for all you do–for kids, for each other, and for our profession.




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