My interview at Two Writing Teachers

I’m excited to share my interview at Two Writing Teachers: “An Interview with Educator and Author Chris Lehman.”

I was interviewed by TWTs’ Beth Moore, my friend, former colleague at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, and TWT regular contributor.

We talked my passion-ish for writing and reading, tips for helping reluctant student writers, standards, heroes and so much more.  It was a blast to do and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed having it!

Here’s the post. Thanks #TWTblog!


4 thoughts on “My interview at Two Writing Teachers

  1. Chris your writing inspires me to become the best version of myself. I have been teaching for over 18 years and about 3 years ago I had the opportunity to participate in the Writing Project and that changed my life as a teacher and how I teach. I have decided the day I stop becoming a learner myself is the day its time for me to step down from my teaching. I presented at the SCCTE and another presenter talked about your book Falling In Love With Close Reading. I bought it and was hooked. Thanking you for sharing so much and inspiring us to make a difference in the life of a child.

  2. Hi Chris,   Congratulations on all your continuuing successes.  Not sure if you will remember me, but perhaps you will, as I have studied with you and Kate Roberts at the Summer Writing Institutes…I wanted you to know that I have fallen in love with both Energize, and Falling in Love with Close Reading.  I recently completed teaching a CEU course of Falling in Love with Close Reading…Your book and Kate’s big LOVE amongst the teachers.  The course ran from January through April 11th.  I had a guest presenter who embraced Chapter 7 and who married the 4 ELA components of listening, speaking, reading and writing through the lenses of an artist.  Powerful enlightenment for the teachers of ELA who truly did not realize that these components were alive and well in another domain…Created lots of intellectual dialogue and respect for the Art Educator, Jason Draine.  Jason has created a powerpoint of his presentation which I would enjoy sharing with you, should you wish it to be emailed to you.  I imagine a very powerful alliance that could be formed between you should you care to speak with him.  He has taken his core curriculum and created a web design that embraces the CCSS and which is aligned with philosophy, process, assessment, outcome, evaluation.  It includes journal writing, note taking, academic vocabulary, reflection, and he has student digital portfolios that demonstrate all the phases of lenses that the student uses for close reading of the art text/artifact/reflection, etc.  It is an outstanding magnification of yours and Kate’s book manifestation.  I am very proud to have brought your book to life with the teacher participants in our grade 5 and 6 intermediate buildings.  Huge success of implementation of your book’s offering infused with additional course work from you and Kate from other TCRWP work that I participated in .  I assembled two binders of specific and useful references to be inputed in their teaching, and it definitely took on a life of its own.  The energy and intellectual capital of each teacher took on a new life and the students were enlivened to do more rigorous close reading.  Thank you so much for all that you do to make us grow.  I would very much like to do a course with your Energize Your Research Writing as the teachers want it.  I changed the thinking in how to do research by sharing the Ice Cream and Bull Dog examples and I must say teachers and students really have enjoyed their research studies because of it.   I truly love the way in which you and Kate present your findgs and lay out your book, such a balance of knowledge, practical application and passion.  I have tried to have both you and Kate present as staff developers but they keep putting it off most likely due to money constraints.  I have even offered to personally offset the cost and unfortunately they still drag their feet…So hence, the course development between the Educational Teaching Specialist and myself, of which we did not get paid due to having 12 teachers rather than their arbitrary number of 15 to constitute monetary compensation…I am not sure how they ractionalize the number since you do the same amount of work and course development.  End result, they each have a copy of the book, have had lively classes and are indeed applying the philosophy into practice. HOORAY, indeed for me!   The first time I studied with you was when you were masterfully presenting the 10 minute and under mini-lesson and focus.  We have talked many times since then…and I have taken every course I could with Kate.  Please share all this news with Kate and she will definitely see how sincere I have been in pursuing the quest for teachers to come to know what you indeed know…  The most difficult obstacle is getting ELA to think across domains, to think 3 dimensionally, this is difficult for many…My 10 years of graduate work at Lincoln Center Institute with TC and Maxine Greene has influenced me and my teaching.  I was a Project Zero Research teacher for Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence book…a fascinating journey of working in my regular classroom with artists in residence….amazing process outcomes, and high level critical thinking and it all grows from studying closely a work of art.  Maxine always said that literature was the fifth performance art…and now you give voice to that assertion by close reading  the words, the craft, the spirit and soul of the literary artist.  I am grateful for having you in my lived life, you and Kate, Lucy and Maxine,and of course, TC, always TC…where one cultivates thinking for a lived life full of meaning, and the excitement of understanding and seeking to understand.   THANK YOU!   SusanMary Morris Intervention Specialist: Literacy: Grade 5 Eisenhower Intermediate School 791 Eisenhower Avenue Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807 Cell:908-500-3557 School: 908-231-0230      Fax: 908-231-1079


  3. As I said over at TWT, I am keeping your interview to use whenever faced with questions about reading, writing, standards, etc. So much wisdom. But more than that, you believe what I believe. I want to hold on to my beliefs for dear life in this atmosphere we are living in. Thanks for saying it all so well.


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