Apply Now: TeacherPoets Workshop Series


 Wondering what this is?  Here’s the flyer: TeacherPoets Announcement and a previous post.

Here are the links you’ve been waiting for!  Be sure to select the ONE you are interested in.  If you run into any trouble, no worries.  They will stay live until Saturday at noon:

Live Group application

To apply for one of the limited seats in the Live Group: click here.

If chosen, you will interact live with me and other participants! Additionally, during one week you will submit a poem in advance and receive live feedback on air!

Q&A: What will your technology experience be like?

Visit the Google+ Hangouts on Air page to get acquainted

And here’s a way-too-in-depth, but none the less really helpful video on being a “guest” on a Hangout On Air.

Q&A: Will my technology work? I’m nervous.

If you are selected we’ll find a time to test out your technology with you before our first meeting. And at the first session plan to arrive 30 minutes early so we can “green room” before we go live.  No worries!

Viewing the Streaming Video (without Talking Live) Register your Interest

To register your interest in viewing the live Streaming Video: click here.

We will use your contact info to connect you with our TeacherPoets Google+ Community and send you invites to each session.

Alternatively, you can forego sharing your personal information and simply check for the Hangout url which will be posted on the community page and on my blog. (be sure to subscribe to this blog to receive updates – click the “subscribe” button on the right sidebar).

The week of April 7th all of the how and where info will be posted.

I’m so excited!

Thanks for all of your interest and enthusiasm. I’ve had lots of tweets and hundreds of readers of the initial invitation post.

I can’t wait to write, reflect, and rejuvenate together!

5 thoughts on “Apply Now: TeacherPoets Workshop Series

  1. Hi, Chris! This sounds amazing, and I’d love to participate. One question (not sure if I was reading too fast here) if you’re in the streaming group, do you need to watch the streaming live as well or is it recorded to watch at your convenience? (Or does this comment reveal that I do not understand the definition of streaming?) 😉
    cheers, marika

  2. Chris, This has nothing to do with Poetry… I have a question about the research process you discuss in your book Energize research reading and writing. What are your suggestions for K-2? I will be a media specialist in a primary school and I would love the energize the research for these primary kids but don’t see them understanding the process in the book. Do you have any suggestions of books to read and study that could help me?

  3. This sounds like a great opportunity! However, I will be on vacation and on “low tech” mode for the first 2 weeks of April. Thanks for the post! I look forward to following your future work and I will be more involved!

  4. Chris, When I applied I’m not sure my google+ profile posted correctly. I do have one. Please let me know if I need to fix anything. (I’m posting this comment with my google+ profile!)


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