@Delta’s non-apology (complainy post)

(please excuse my complainy post…. or consider it informational writing)

Many of you know from Twitter the epic trip home my family and I faced in early April: diverted plane, canceled flights, multiple new connections, ending in a whole different airline. My daughter missed school and my wife and I work.

Now arriving in Cincinnati for a connecting flight to New York and…

No way our children could handle two more flights, so we requested to be rebooked on American Airlines (who did have a working airplanes and a direct flight). They did the job…

Drum Roll… @Delta‘s Response Today:

Dear Mr. Lehman,

RE: Case Number 8852910

Thank you for sharing your concerns while traveling with us on April 2 
from Ft. Lauderdale to New York City. On behalf of everyone at Delta Air
Lines, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced when 
Flight 1798 was diverted due to mechanical related reasons.

Mr. Lehman, I can only imagine the frustration you and your family 
experienced when your plans were disrupted by the diversion of our 
flight to Jacksonville because of mechanical reasons, resulting in a 
situation where you had to overnight and the children missed a day of 
school. I was also disheartened to learn your flight the next morning 
was canceled, making this already upsetting experience even more 
intolerable. While no airline can guarantee that air travel will be free
of disruptions, I deeply regret that you were not provided with the 
dependable, timely air transportation you expect and deserve. We take 
your concerns very seriously and please know I have forwarded your 
comments to our Airport Customer Service leadership team for internal 

Additionally, we understand your time is valuable, and operating on 
schedule is equally important to us; however, when a mechanical problem 
is found, we must restore the aircraft to company and federal 
airworthiness standards. Since safety is the number one consideration in
the operation of our flights, until we can determine the cause of the 
problem and estimate the amount of time necessary for repair, specific 
details about a flight’s operation may not be immediately available 
causing further delays. Although we expect our representatives to do 
everything possible to minimize overall inconvenience, canceling the 
flight may only become an option after all efforts to repair the problem
with the aircraft are unsuccessful.

Further, I acknowledge your disappointment with the $100 Electronic 
Transportation Credit Vouchers given as a gesture of apology. 
Respectfully, this was not meant to place a value on your experience; 
rather it was sincere and intended to show that your experience caused 
great concern.  Delta uses many factors when determining compensation 
for our passengers who have been inconvenienced through no fault of 
their own.  We consider the entire situation, including the cause and 
impact. While we understand this was much more than an delay, 
respectfully, no further compensation would be due as a result of your 
experience. I am sorry to disappoint you as I understand this is not the
answer you were expecting.

In closing, Mr. Lehman, as a valued SkyMiles member since 2004, your 
comments are very important to us and we thank you for taking the time 
to share your frustrations.  While I acknowledge these flights certainly
did not leave a positive impact on any of you, I only hope in the future
you will allow us more opportunities to prove our honest desire to make 
things right for you once again. 


Michelle Barron
Coordinator, Corporate Customer Care
Delta Air Lines

In other words, sorry our planes kept breaking, $25 for each of you should well make up for your missed work, school, young children’s well being and your sanity. 

Thank goodness there are plenty of other airlines.


3 thoughts on “@Delta’s non-apology (complainy post)

  1. I miss the gold old days when flying was FUN. My dad worked for Delta for 37 years (he retired after 9/11) and we frequently have conversations about how glad he is that he’s not working for the airline industry anymore. I miss his active employee status on the standby list though. it’s not worth trying to fly on his retired status since he’s now at the bottom of the standby list.

  2. Voucher or vouchers? They said vouchers- which would seem correct- a minimum of one per person ($400.00). Yet-you said voucher- $25.00 per person- which is ridiculous…

    • Yep, its was $25 per person, $50 per person if you were international (which we weren’t). Now, to be fair, each person could instead get a $50 travel voucher towards their own domestic flight… if any of us ever wanted to fly Delta again.


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