I’m having a middle of the day moment where my mind is set on repeat to pictures from yesterday and the news that continues to poor in from Boston.  In particular I can’t leave the images of people running to the blast, running towards the danger, trying to quickly get at those injured.

I imagine the moment one of those running comes to some injured person. How she reaches down, a bright thread of compassion flows from her and spools out to encircle the him she just came to.  Every fabric of herself draws out to hold and heal and make right the wrongs. A him she never knew before and will never know again after that ambulance door closes, but in a beat they are knotted together, there on the street.  The world is a terrible place. The world is also overflowing with selflessness and is wonderful.

Here is a poem that is helping me at this moment:

A Blessing by James Wright


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