#eddies12 Edublog Awards: My Kardashians+Reading Guest Post was Nominated (Because Why Not)

Well that’s a nice surprise.  My guest post on reading guru Donalyn Miller‘s Edweek blog, “The Book Whisperer” was nominated for a 2012 Edublog Awards in the category “Influential Post.”

While I don’t know that Influential Post is true or not, or if the post is more or less influential than any of the others, it still is awfully nice to be nominated.

Being newer to the blog-o-great-learning-o-time-sucking-up-sphere I only just learned about what the Edublog Awards even are, and I am a fan of their mission.  Head on over to them to learn more about the history and mission of the awards.

Get To Know Some Great Posts

Having this and other categories means there are lots of curated posts, twitter handles, and more to explore.  Click here for the list of shortlisted “Influential Post” nominees and read their posts.

My guest post, “What the Kardashians Taught Me About Reading Instruction (No, For Real)” can be be found by clicking the link to Donalyn’s EdWeek blog either on the Edublog list or here.

And you can vote by clicking here or the Voting Open image right over there.

Yay education!

One thought on “#eddies12 Edublog Awards: My Kardashians+Reading Guest Post was Nominated (Because Why Not)

  1. Hi Chris, I found your comments on the Kardashians interesting. I taught for 12 years for the Beverly Hills School District and Kim was in my reading group in the first grade. My teammate and I regrouped a few kids and I took an above average group of students, Kim included. Cute little girl dressed to the nines with perfect hair every day!!! Years later, after moving to the Sacramento area, I was watching some TV show like Entertainment Tonight and Kim appeared on the screen. I quickly dialed my old partner’s number to tell her I had just seen Kim K on TV…and. well, the rest is history. After that she saturated every media screen out there. Who would’ve guessed 20 years ago that cute little kid with the perfect pigtails would become a media sensation. But I will vouch for her….she was a good reader…even in first grade!!!!
    I should have shared this with Donalyn when she ate dinner at my house last month!


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