Viva Las #NCTE12

**First a note: this Monday Nov 12 at 11 AM EST, listen live to Education Talk Radio with Larry Jacobs. I we be the show’s guest, talking about the Common Core and my new book Energize Research Reading and Writing.  Live stream will be found here.**

Viiiva Viiiiva Las Leeeeearning

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Later this week is none other than the educators’ annual homecoming: the NCTE convention. Well, homecoming minus the boutineers, DJ music, limos…

…wait, it’s in Las Vegas… keep all of that on the list.

As I prep for the trip I am finding I share many feelings with others:.

I feel overwhelmed by the program:

I am looking forward to meeting tweeps and blog readers (say hi!):

I also just might be getting a haircut (in about an hour):

I also… will be learning. (Learning.):

My Events

  • I am presenting Saturday with Lucy Calkins and Mary Ehrenworth

  • I am signing copies of my books and – more importantly – meeting and greeting at 1 PM at the Heinemann Booth #120.

Sessions I’m Excited For (I Need MORE Recommendations!)

And here is my short but growing list of sessions I am excited for – and need to clone myself to attend everything.    PLEASE recommend your sessions or others you are excited about.

  • A.36 Building on Strength: Teaching English as if Adolescents Already Knew What They Were Doing
  • C.29 Unleashing and Harnessing the Power of Talk to Construct And Demonstrate Meaningful Understanding of Texts, Ourselves, and the World
  • *TWEEPS SESSION* D.33 Facilitating Choice Within Curriculum Constraints
  • F.01 Featured – Tuning Teacher’s Voice: We Can Inform Public Policy on Reading and Writing
  • *TWEEPS SESSION* J.03 The Nerdy Book Club: How Teacher Readers Ignite Classroom Reading Communities

If you cannot attend, all conference long follow #NCTE12 for live-tweets.

Viiiiva viiiiiva Las NCTE!

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