I Broke Twitter. And it was Worth It.

Thanks everyone who was able to join me and @meenoorami for #engchat tonight when I guest moderated “Teach Students to Research, Not Regurgitate.”

…To be completely accurate, I guest moderated until this happened:

Twitter Jail

Yes, my friends, with around 15 mins to go… I found myself in twitter jail!  (Which I find hil-arious).  Twitter sort of kind of explains what this mystical place is here. A place I had never heard of until deep into moderating a popular chat.

So, note to self: Day of hosting a chat = barely tweet.

Still Worth It (Check Out the Archive)

It was still worth it, however, because I love #engchat and tonight’s sharing of ideas was another great night of learning.

If you couldn’t join us live check out the archive.  Start from the bottom and work up (it’s only 74 pages!) …And laugh as you notice me suddenly disappear… 

Or as @thereadingzone explains in a way that makes me feel less embarrassed and more proud of everyone’s work tonight:

In closing:

  • Join #engchat every week, Mondays at 7 pm ET.
  • And finally, hoard some Get Out of Jail Free Cards. You never know when you’ll need ’em.

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