A Must Read from Matt Renwick

Donalyn Miller just tweeted a post from Principal Matt Renwick, from his blog “Reading By Example

The particular post is a thoughtful analogy about teaching reading and writing drawn from forgetting his swimsuit and watching his family splash around from the sidelines. A metaphor after my own heart.

Which led me to surf around the rest of his blog and now I’m a subscriber.

I mean…. how awesome is this? (Answer: very awesome).

And this? (Answer: extremely awesome).

A principal that he spends time nearly every day READING to students in classrooms!  And writing all the time!

Inspiring leadership inspires.

One thought on “A Must Read from Matt Renwick

  1. Honored and humbled to be on your blog, Chris. Reading and writing in classrooms is one of my favorite things to do. Just today, I read aloud I’ll Save You Bobo! by Eileen and Marc Rosenthal to a group of kindergarteners. Hilarious book. While we were yucking it up, we were also able to discuss the feelings Earl was experiencing based on his facial expressions (Earl is the cat constantly trying to steal Bobo the sock monkey). Earl’s antics reminds me about the pets I used to have, and I shared them with the kids and vice versa. These opportunities to laugh, think and share is what working in schools is all about! Thanks Chris for the repost.


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